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Falcons vs. Ravens: A Preview Discussion with Baltimore Beatdown

Matthew Stevens from Baltimore Beatdown joins Jeanna Thomas for a ReplyAll conversation about this Sunday's matchup with the Ravens.

Kevin C. Cox

As Falcons players and Mike Smith have been asked this week about the upcoming matchup with Baltimore, the consistent thread is that this defense appears to be extremely stout at every level. The front seven have an ability to get after the passer, and their secondary is solid. Offensively, the Ravens have settled into a new scheme and appear to be firing on all cylinders and playing very balanced offense. As far as the Falcons, you know what they've been doing on the field as of late. This one's going to be difficult.

Matthew Stevens from Baltimore Beatdown was kind enough to chat with me using ReplyAll to discuss this Sunday's matchup. As always, the conversation will automatically update as new replies are added, so be sure to check back often. If you have questions for Matthew, share them in the comments.