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Are The Falcons Capable Of Effective Two Minute Drills In 2014?

Survey says no.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

We join our erstwhile friend Marshall Faulk for our question of of the week.

In previous years, the answer to this might have been yes. The Falcons had a knack for impressive, last-second comeback drives in recent years, though some obviously ended in field goals. The last two years have seen that knack evaporate, and with line injuries, a passing game that blows hot and cold and a semi-reliable ground game the Falcons abandon at the first sign of trouble, they're not really equipped for this kind of comeback anymore. The two minute drill requires you to carefully use your time and chew up chunks of yardage, and this Falcons team has gotten visibly worse the further into games they go.

I'd have to say they lose in this scenario in 2014. The team is still more than capable of big plays—they employ Antone Smith, after all—but they've had a hard time keeping pressure out of the backfield and setting themselves up for the kind of intermediate-to-long passes that enable an offense to move swiftly downfield when time is short and the game is on the line. Call me a cynic if you will.

Your thoughts on this scenario?

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