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Bears vs. Falcons: a Tweet Recap

Shall we wallow in our misery, friends?

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

What is there even left to say about the Falcons' implosion against the Bears at home on Sunday? There were a few bright spots, like Antone Smith. Okay, fine, Antone Smith was pretty much the only bright spot.

The defense, not surprisingly, looked bad.

Although Jonathan Massaquoi had some nice pressure and Paul Worrilow had a pretty amazing fingertip tackle.

The offense, slightly more surprisingly, looked bad.

Although Matt Bryant is always Matt Bryant. He's as clutch as they come.

This is from a Bills fan, but a lot of Falcons fans are starting to shift their perspectives in this direction.

The officiating was bad.

We all ran out of things to say about this game.

It was depressing. It still is depressing.

And it's hard to imagine that it won't continue to be depressing.

This is also how I look watching the Falcons these days, Larry.

Let's cling to our memories of happier times.