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Is There Anything The Falcons Can Do To Turn This Around?

Food for thought and a discussion for all.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

We're at the point where we're going to need to start preparing ourselves for sweeping changes to the franchise, and so we'll be discussing that in some detail for weeks and weeks and weeks ahead. For now, though, the Falcons remain just one game out in the NFC South and we have to ask a somewhat foolish question: Is there any way this team can turn things around in 2014 and achieve a winning record, at minimum?

The easy answer is no, and I'll certainly accept that answer. For my part, I'd have to say no, as well, but if you were going to develop a blueprint for the team going forward, it would start with putting the team's best pass rushing personnel on the field. You would also need an improved run defense, more Antone Smith usage and a lot less dropped passes. Basically, you would be asking for better play everywhere but special teams. Not much, right?

While I think some improvement is reasonable to expect, just given how poorly this team has played, I don't think it's going to be enough. It's a note of extreme pessimism, perhaps, but we are where we are. At minimum, we can learn who deserves to be re-signed and who should be cut loose in what promises to be a busy offseason, regardless of the final win tally.

Vote in the poll below regarding how many wins the Falcons will have at the end of 2014, and tell us your course of action, if one exists.