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Falcons post-game injury update: apparently a helmet-to-helmet hit isn't always a helmet-to-helmet hit

Fact: Roddy White doesn't let a silly concussion get in the way of mediocre football

Kevin C. Cox

Injuries are probably the last thing you want to talk about right now. But even with the Falcons floundering and their season quickly slipping away, it's still a priority. So let's break it down.

Josh Wilson came off the field with an injury early in the first half; Robert McClain was his replacement. Wilson did make his way back onto the field, but McClain played well in his absence. Interestingly, Wilson was a defensive captain today, earning the starting nod. I do think McClain versus Wilson will continue to be an interesting battle going forward.

Roddy White was absolutely laid out by Ryan Mundy in the first half. It looked like a helmet-to-helmet hit to me, even if Mundy's shoulder pads hit Roddy first. It's not like Roddy looked like himself anyway, but he seemed awfully concussed after the hit, refusing to cooperate with the trainers. He probably shouldn't have returned as quickly as he did.

Dezmen Southward left the game late, with an injury to his right shoulder. Hopefully he isn't banged up, because we're already thin at safety.

I'm going to go cry myself to sleep now. Your thoughts?