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One Falcon To Watch In Week 6: Antone Smith

Antone Smith is fast. Like, a blur that you saw out of the corner of your eye but didn't quite catch, kind of fast.


"WHY DOESN'T ANTONE SMITH GET MORE TOUCHES", is what we've all been asking for over a month now, and for good cause.  Antone is Atlanta's home run threat out of the backfield, and has been nothing short of spectacular.

When you have a twenty-four percent chance of scoring a touchdown whenever you touch the ball, you should be getting the rock more than three times a game.  The coaching staff has made a huge mistake so far this season by under-utilizing Smith's talents, and could have changed the outcome of some of the losses the team has suffered through by better incorporating him into the game-plan.  ESPN's Vaughn McClure quoted Coach Smith saying "We need to have more plays designed for Antone." This is especially good news for the offense, and a Falcons fan base clamoring for him to see more action.

This Chicago Bears defense is not that of 1985, however, they aren't quite as bad as Atlanta has been through five weeks.  If Mike Smith was legitimate when speaking of more plays for Antone, then we could see a breakout game for the new Falcon-favorite.

Will Antone Smith have yet another game changing play this week?