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Roddy White and Julio Jones are focused on the Falcons

The comparisons between Falcons' receivers Roddy White and Julio Jones and Bears duo Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery are inevitable, but White and Jones are focused on the Falcons.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The comparisons are inevitable between Atlanta's Roddy White and Julio Jones and the Bears' receiving duo of Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery. All four are dynamic, talented players. It's not surprising that Jones and White were asked about Marshall and Jeffery when speaking to the local media this week. However, you may be surprised to learn that Jones and White don't focus on Marshall and Jeffery at all.

Jones has said in the past about A.J. Green that he doesn't worry about other receivers at all. He's not on the field at the same time as the opponent's receivers, so it has no impact on his game. His approach was the same with Jeffery and Marshall.

We've just got to go out and do what we do. We've got to follow our game plan and go out there and make plays. We can't worry about Chicago receivers, because they don't have any effect on how we play.

Jones emphasized this point later in the conversation as well.

I don't watch them. No, I never watch them. Everybody's always comparing me and Roddy to them and a lot of duos in the league, but I don't really watch other receivers at all. I just try to focus on my game and trying to get better as a player.

White and Jones are on the same page about opponents' receivers.

We can't worry about that, because they're not on the field when we're on the field. So we've got to go out there and execute and do our part and help our team win on the opposite side of the ball and just be more consistent. We've been consistent in certain areas and at certain times of the game, but it hasn't been for four quarters, so we're still trying to put pieces together to where we can figure out how to play four quarters of consistent football.

White does pay a little attention to Brandon Marshall, however, because they're friends.

Brandon Marshall is a really good friend of mine, and we're really cool. And we've been that way since he's been in the NFL-I met him a whole long time ago, and we kind of gelled off of that. So I always look at him and see what he's doing and how he's holding up throughout the season. He's a really good player.

While Jeffery and Marshall are an impressive duo, Jones and White have been a really fundamental part of the Falcons' offense this season. White and Jones have combined for 765 receiving yards and five touchdowns on 56 catches. Marshall and Jeffery combined have 547 yards on 45 receptions for the Bears so far this season. In terms of reception numbers, running back Matt Forte and tight end Martellus Bennett are blowing them away with 68 combined receptions. Jeffery and Marshall have, however, combined for seven touchdowns, two more than White and Jones.

What do you expect from each of these receiving duos on Sunday?