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Bears vs. Falcons: A Preview Conversation

Jeanna Thomas is joined by Kev H. from Wndy City Gridiron to preview this Sunday's matchup between the Bears and the Falcons.


After two difficult weeks on the road, the Falcons return to the comfortable confines of the Georgia Dome this Sunday to take on the Chicago Bears. The Bears have considerable talent on both sides of the ball, yet have struggled in recent weeks, losing to the Packers and the Panthers in weeks four and five. There's no better way to learn about Atlanta's next opponent than asking an expert, and Kev H. from Windy City Gridiron has graciously agreed to preview this game with me. As always, thanks to the great ReplyAll platform, the conversation will update automatically as new replies are added, so check back often for updates.

If you have questions for Kev about the Bears, share them in the comments, and I'll pass them on to him. What are you expecting from both teams on Sunday?