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Justin Blalock Sits Out Practice Wednesday

The team's starting left guard is starting to look like a game time decision versus the Giants.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

We're not likely to know Justin Blalock's status for the Giants game until shortly before the Giants game, but I'm not feeling extremely optimistic he's going to play.

Blalock's absence would put the Falcons down three starting linemen from just a week ago, which would likely be difficult to overcome. We'll continue to monitor Blalock's status, but in the meantime, speculate wildly about whether Harland Gunn, James Stone or Gabe Carimi will take over at left guard if he's out.

Harry Douglas was also out of practice, and despite the Falcons' best attempts to act like he's just fine and dandy, he could also miss the game. Prince Shembo, Julio Jones, Devin Hester and Kemal Ishmael were all limited, but at this point there's no reason to think any of them will miss Sunday's 1 p.m. game.

Your thoughts?