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Which Former Falcon Would You Bring Back?

If you could restore one former Falcons player to the glory of their best years on the field and plug them into the Falcons' current roster, who would it be?

Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

There's no denying that the Falcons have a lot of positions of need at the present, and with the draft and free agency approaching, there is plenty of logical discussion about potential draft picks and free agents who can help Atlanta turn things around in 2014. What's missing is a completely illogical and theoretical discussion about former players who could help the Falcons get back to form if they were returned to their prime.

In the Ring of Honor alone, the Falcons have a handful of players who could really address some needs and have a positive impact on the current roster.

Offensive tackle Mike Kenn and Jeff Van Note could help solidify a shaky offensive line. Gerald Riggs surely get something going on the ground for the Falcons. Who wouldn't love to have Jessie Tuggle or Tommy Nobis on this roster, if they were restored to their prime? Recently retired Tony Gonzalez wouldn't even have to be restored to his prime--he showed us this season that he hasn't lost a step.

The player from the Falcons' past that I'd most like to add to the current roster would be Claude Humphrey. Humphrey is the Falcons' all-time sack leader with 94.5, and the sack yards leader with 757. Humphrey was a Pro Bowl selection in five consecutive seasons, and is tied for the most Pro Bowl appearances in team history with six. He was a huge part of the success of the top-ranked Gritz Blitz defense. There's no question that the struggle to get pressure on opposing quarterbacks has been a factor for the Falcons, and a player like Claude Humphrey could resolve that.

Not to mention that Humphrey once threw a penalty flag back at a referee after a roughing the passer penalty during Super Bowl XV, when he played for the Eagles. Humphrey also appeared on an episode of Dukes of Hazzard. The guy is a winner in every conceivable context.

Which former Falcon would you like to restore to his prime for the 2014 Falcons?