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Thomas Dimitroff: Falcons Probably Won't Trade Up For Clowney

Fact: The dark is afraid of Thomas Dimitroff

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Don't let the title of this article deceive you, Thomas Dimitroff isn't ruling out the possibility of trading up in order to pick Jadeveon Clowney in April's draft. But that said, given the Falcons' recent draft history - Julio Jones being one rather dramatic exception - and Dimitroff's recent comments, it certainly doesn't look like they feel pressed to go and get him.

“I’ll just say what everybody in the country knows: Jadeveon Clowney is a top notch talent and he’s going to make a team happy and he’s going to be a legitimate difference-maker in this game. The people with the top two picks know that.”

Dimitroff did not close the door to the possibility of a trade up but it’s doubtful he would part with a lot. Comment: “The top 10 in the 2014 draft is a group of top notch players. So we’re not going to be disappointed if we’re picking in the top 10.”

I'll say this, there's a decent possibility he's just posturing. At this point, why wouldn't you? But his logic is sound. Clowney's the type of player that should go first or second in a draft. What's more, the Falcons' draft position isn't too shabby. There are several good options, all of which can improve this team.

Your thoughts?