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How Many Offensive Line Starters Will The Falcons Return In 2014?

An unpleasant question, but one that should be asked.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

When you ask a Falcons fan what should be done with the offensive line, this is the most common response:

This is an understandable reaction. The Falcons couldn't run effectively for much of the season, and just when you thought they had figured out that pass protection thing, they allowed nine sacks and 14 quarterback hits in the last game of the season. It was mighty terrible.

That said, it would be crazy to expect the Falcons to bring aboard five new starters along the line. There aren't going to be five starting-caliber players obtainable that will fit within the cap space the Falcons will be working with, and frankly not every member of the line is a complete bum who should be run out of town on a horse with no name.

So I pose this question: Who returns along this offensive front in 2014? You can pick starters and reserves, so go to it.