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What Should We Expect From Steven Jackson In 2014?

It's true that 2013 was a lost year for S-Jax. Will 2014 be one, as well?


Steven Jackson struggled through the worst year of his career in 2014. Hobbled by injuries, stuck behind a poor offensive line and running without the explosiveness he is known for, he put up 543 yards and six touchdowns on 157 carries, good for just 3.5 yards per tote.

For someone as competitive and driven as S-Jax, this had to be a deeply disappointing year. While it's not a lock that he'll return to Atlanta in 2014, it seems likely that the Falcons will give him another shot behind what we all hope will be a greatly improved offensive line.

If he does return, what can we reasonably expect from Jackson? I did an insta-poll on Twitter, and these two responses were the most typical:

The bottom line is that it's guesswork, because there are so many variables in play. If Steven Jackson is healthy, if the line improves and if Dirk Koetter is willing to work to get Jackson touches, he'll likely have a fine year, if not one up to his St. Louis standards. If he gets hurt or the line doesn't improve, it's probably another miserable year, followed by the search for a new team in 2015. As tylershack noted in his FanPost, the line is the key here.

Let's take a crack, though. What do you think S-Jax will do in 2014?