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What Are the Falcons up to on Twitter?

We take to Twitter to catch up with Falcons players and find out what they're up to this offseason.

Scott Cunningham

It's been a while since we've seen the Falcons take the field, and the players are enjoying the offseason in various ways. We took to Twitter to find out what the Falcons are up to so far this offseason.

James Rodgers, practice squad wide receiver and brother to Jacquizz, is passing along wisdom worth sharing.

James Rodgers is also inexplicably being mistaken for Reggie Bush.

Kroy Biermann is talking about eating beef jerky.

Malliciah Goodman--or should we call him Malliciah Lawman, Dave?--is doing some interesting stuff.

Robert Alford is basically a philosopher.

Long snapper Josh Harris went to a UFC fight.

Harry Douglas wants you to know about this great weight loss product.

Roddy White, like me, spent Sunday evening watching the Pro Bowl and the GRAMMYs.

Paul Worrilow has a movie recommendation for you.

The dry cleaner messed up Jacquizz Rodgers' pants, and that's not cool.

Matt Bosher once again solidifies his role as a fan favorite by attending a beer festival.

And Tony Gonzalez took the field for what is certainly the last time.

You can keep up with the latest from Falcons players on Twitter throughout the offseason with our handy Twitter list.