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Reports of Front Office Drama Completely Overblown

Fact: if opportunity knocks, and Thomas Dimitroff is not at home, then opportunity waits

Scott Cunningham

The Falcons have established a conflict-free reputation in the Post-Vick era. It's something they've prided themselves in, sometimes to a fault. On occasion, they've passed on certain players, just because of supposed character flaws. In short, it's obvious the Falcons highly value continuity. If anything detracts from their continuity, they avoid it, like Dave avoid sobriety. But does the Scott Pioli hire risk potential division in the front office?

It will be interesting to see how the triumvirate of Dimitroff, Pioli and Lionel Vital blend together.

It was thought that the Falcons would hire Pioli if Vital landed the Tampa Bay general manager’s job. When Vital, who was considered the front runner at one point didn’t t get the job, Pioli was hired, apparently at a level above Vital, who was second in command.

I'll be honest, I basically see this is as a non-issue. There's absolutely no indication that Vital feels slighted, especially not by the Falcons. If anything, he's probably a little disappointed the Bucs didn't bite. But all three men have a mutual interest in taking the Falcons to the promised land. They're not selfish, and they want what's best for the Falcons because ultimately, it's what's best for them (and their careers).

Your thoughts?