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Paul Worrilow was Named to the USA Today's All-Joe Team

Fact: Paul Worrilow's mother has a tattoo that reads "son"

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Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Worrilow was just a blip on our collective radar at the outset of the 2013 season. He was a "small school" undrafted free agent. He drew considerable praise in college but lacked the conference pedigree draft gurus often covet. But then he made the team. And then he kicked butt and took names. Fast forward a bit more and Worrilow was just honored by USA Today, being named to their "All-Joe Team."

Paul Worrilow (Falcons): Undrafted rookie stepped in as a starter in October and ended up leading Atlanta with 127 tackles, including 54 during a three-game stretch in November. Pen him into the lineup from now on.

Worrilow plays the grizzled, tough-as-nails role well. He shouldn't be caught dead in coverage, but at the point of attack, he's exceeded all expectations. In a way, he's a bit of a throwback player, with a style that's eerily reminiscent of football's glory days.

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