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Let's Turn Julio Jones Into A Robot

The Falcons need more robots.

Scott Cunningham

As you can tell by the little logo on this page, this is a sponsored post. Basically, we were asked to choose a player on the Atlanta Falcons to turn into a robot.

While your mileage may vary, I figured our best bet was to transform a man who already operates at an insanely high level. By turning this player into a robot, the thinking goes, he would be invulnerable and ageless, ready to eviscerate opposing teams for the next several decades. The choice is pretty obvious: It's Julio Jones.

Jones is already one of the most dynamic receivers in the NFL, the kind of player who elevates an offense and makes a quarterback's job easier. The only question with him is health, as he's had a couple of leg and foot injuries that have cost him time in his first three seasons in the NFL. Turning him into a truly indestructible robot would take care of that.

So here's my choice to transform into a mechanical catching machine. How about you?