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If The Falcons Fix The Lines, How Many Games Will They Win?

A thought exercise for Falcons fans hoping for a brighter tomorrow.

Jamie Squire

The mantra from the front office down to the fans this offseason has been fix the lines, which conjures up an image of a burly guy in a pair of old jeans tightening up a few bolts on Peter Konz. This is both disturbing and amusing.

For the sake of discussion, let's assume the Falcons do this. They get back a healthy Sam Baker, they replace cogs on the offensive line and they add bulk and fearsome pass rush ability on the other side of the ball. This chews up all of their cap space and draft picks. You can assume better health for the roster in general, but the Falcons make no upgrades anywhere else on the football team.

How many games do the 2014 Falcons win? Obviously there are so many variables here that it's a fool's errand to predict, but I'm comfortable with a range. Do they only win 4-6 games despite those upgrades? Do they roll to 12 wins?

Discuss, and enjoy.