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Browns Hire Mike Pettine, Dirk Koetter To Remain With Falcons

Dirk Koetter will stay on as the Falcons' offensive coordinator after not being hired for the Cleveland Browns head coaching gig.


It's official: The Cleveland Browns have hired former Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator Mike Pettine, which means Dirk Koetter will be back with the Falcons for 2013.

Koetter, who has been the team's offensive coordinator for the last two seasons, has now been connected to multiple college and pro head coaching gigs over that span. He's a well-regarded offensive mind around the NFL despite this year's middling results—he can't turn an offensive line into a powerhouse by himself, the jerk—and this probably isn't the last time he'll get an interview. Koetter was considered a long shot for the Browns gig, considering he entered the picture late and the Browns just got done hiring an offensively-minded coach and firing him a year later.

This means the Falcons' coaching staff is pretty much set for 2014, barring any assistants being added to the staff. Here's a breakdown of the staff as currently constructed, per the Official Site:

Mike Smith
Head Coach
Dirk Koetter
Offensive Coordinator
Mike Nolan
Defensive Coordinator
Keith Armstrong
Special Teams Coordinator
Terry Robiskie
Assistant Head Coach/Wide Receivers Coach
Gerald Brown
Running Backs Coach
Mark Collins
Defensive Assistant
Joe Danna
Defensive Backs Coach
Tim Lewis
Secondary Coach
Glenn Pires
Linebackers Coach
Mike Tice
Offensive Line Coach
Bryan Cox
Defensive Line Coach
Chris Scelfo Tight Ends Coach
Eric Sutulovich
Assistant Special Teams
Glenn Thomas
Quarterbacks Coach
Andrew Weidinger
Offensive Assistant

Thoughts on Koetter remaining in Atlanta?