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Dirk Koetter Likely Safe From Having to Coach the Cleveland Browns

The crazy train that is the Cleveland Browns head coaching search will reportedly not steal away the Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator.


Dirk Koetter has reportedly dodged a bullet and won't be fired from the Cleveland Browns organization in about 11.5 months. The offensive coordinator is expected to remain with the Falcons for another season, per ESPN's Vaughn McClure.

A long shot candidate for a position that an estimated few hundred people have interviewed for? Koetter is very likely safe. It seems unlikely the Browns would select an offensive coordinator with a short list of success in the NFL who just recently missed out on the Boise State head coaching position. The news he is a long shot for the position only solidifies that belief.

Of course, the Browns are always a wild card.

I'm hoping the Browns stay away from Koetter. He has done a good job with the offense and I can't think of anyone else who is both available and an improvement over Koetter. His history here and success in 2012 makes me pretty optimistic with what he can do in 2014.