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Do You Like On-Field Antics?

Football sometimes brings out the worst in people.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

A particular cornerback, who I'm not going to tag because I don't want the comments to blow up with other teams fans fighting each other, recently made some comments after a game that drew a nice, thick line between fans.

Some fans said, "Hey, this is awesome!" while others said, "Thuganomics."

Even the media was divided. Some media members thought it was a terrible disrespect to the game, while others were perfectly fine with it.

But were the comments truly unnecessary? The CB seemed legitimately upset, but if you're on the side of, "He's smart because of his education," then was he upset at all?

So that brings me to my question. How do you feel about on-field antics at any time? Where do you draw the line?

For me, I think the switch needs to be turned off when the game is over. Football itself is a vicious sport, and emotions can run high during the whole thing. But I believe that people ought to exhibit some kind of self-control when the game is over.

Are there any Falcons who have pushed the line too far in your mind? I don't know that any of them have done anything crazy since 2008, but I'm sure there are a few Vick/Deion memories out there.

This isn't a really crazy post, but in case other teams' fans come here, please don't turn this into a fan war. Thanks.