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Mike Tice: Offensive Line Must Play With "Bad Intentions"

Fact: Mike Tice brushes his teeth with pine cones; he enjoys the piney aftertaste

Jonathan Daniel

Mike Tice doesn't play around. He's like the Marlboro Man, stoic and decidedly unhealthy. But darnit if you aren't impressed by his moxy. And when it comes to his unit's reputation, he expects a mean streak we haven't seen in recent years.

"I think we have to learn how to finish better," Tice said. "I think we have to have our young guys take a big step and improve, and they will. And really, I just want to make sure that they're playing the game with bad intentions. Nastiness is created by work habits. And work habits create that great finish. And that great finish creates people saying, 'Gosh, they're tough.'"

Not too long ago the Falcons' offensive line had a nasty reputation. With Harvey Dahl and Todd McClure anchoring the middle of our offensive front, we weren't every defensive lineman's idea of a fun Sunday. The same wasn't true in 2013; heck, our sacks allowed were like potato chips, nobody could have just one. Hopefully all that will change under Tice. If anything, he's more outspoken than Pat Hill was. I'm thinking that's a good thing.

Your thoughts?