Steven Jackson: A Year In Review

It’s no secret that Steven Jackson had an underachieving season to say the least. Missing 4 whole games and the majority of the game in which he got hurt in Week 2. Although, he had a strong first game totaling over 100 yards against the Saints in Week 1, but Falcons fans will remember the key potential game winning touchdown drop. Needless to say Falcons fans aren’t the only ones disappointed. It was evident throughout that Jackson was frustrated with his injuries and poor performances. In fact Jackson did not have a 100 yard rushing game and failed to gain over 600 yards throughout the entirety of the season. While his 6 rushing touchdowns was a typical year for him it was the first year he failed to eclipse the 1,000 yard mark since 2004. While we can sit here and blame Jackson 100% for his poor performance let’s look at a few things. The first being it was only his 3rd season in which he played less than 14 games. While Jackson was said to be coming into the season in great shape the injury in which he sustained was not caused by his poor preparation. It was simply a muscle pull in which was just bad luck for Jackson. Another thing to look at is the timing of the injury, back in 2007 Jackson missed 4 games and 2008 as well. Jackson was only 24-25 years of age at the time which means his body could recover a lot faster. The final thing I want to look at is the offensive line. Jackson could only do so much with the holes created by the offensive line. As we all know that was about the size of a snake hole and was rarely ever existent. My point is that in 2014 the offensive line will be one of the most emphasized part of the team along with the defensive line this offseason. Hopefully, the Falcons will be able to do that through free agency and the draft as well as player development. I don’t expect him to be a 1,800 yard 15 touchdown back because he will never be that player. I think 1,200-1,500 yards of total offense and around 7-10 TDs would make the Falcons happy. Let’s just hope he can stay healthy and earn the money we have paid him.

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