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Report: Cleveland Browns Interviewing Dirk Koetter For Head Coaching Vacancy

The Browns are just the worst.


Dirk Koetter is interviewing with the Cleveland Browns for their head coaching vacancy, per Alex Marvez of FOX Sports:

Koetter, you'll recall, interviewed for the open Boise State head coaching job late in the season. He did not get that job, and it seemed at that point that he would be returning to the Falcons for 2014. That may not be the case, judging by the above Tweet, which means the man who presided over a quality passing offense the last two seasons could be bolting.

It turns out Koetter's still receptive to a head coaching opportunity. It's difficult to blame him for that stance, obviously, because that's a hell of an opportunity. Unfortunately, because the Browns have lost out on most of their top choices, the expanded net they're throwing out there has ensnared Koetter along with several thousand pounds of cod.

The obvious issue here: The Falcons would be losing Koetter after the coaching carousel has already spun around, depriving them of some high-end choices for offensive coordinator if they had to make a new hire. It's late in the game to be shopping for a seasoned coordinator, in other words, and I wouldn't be thrilled on that front.

I don't anticipate that Koetter will be the choice for the Browns, but it's a possibility if they're leaning toward an offensive mind to run the team. Stay tuned.