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Senior Bowl 2014: Dimitroff Interviews with the NFL Network

Some interesting tidbits from the GM with the best hair in the league.

Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today on NFL Network, Thomas Dimitroff joined the crew covering the Senior Bowl to discuss the week of practice, what they're looking for during the week amongst other topics.

The most interesting sound-bite happened in the first few seconds of the interview when Dimitroff referred to getting to know the players as "smelling their pits." Yup.

Some interesting tidbits that came out of the interview:

  • The review process is going on non-stop, not just with the stuff on the field. Coaches and office personnel watch the players during the entire week, whether it's in the cafeteria or on the field.
  • The Falcons scouting is very much driven by what fits best within their schemes/needs. Those hoping for a change to "Best Player Available" will be disappointed.
  • Smitty and company will be running the 4-3 defense during the Senior Bowl. Those hoping for a switch to a pure 3-4 will not find this encouraging.
  • Dimitroff conceded that they realized they needed more "girth, grit and anchor" when talking about the offensive and defensive lines.
  • Dimitroff emphasized that development of players is critical. His heavy emphasis seemed to indicate their concession that they have not done it well, but believe they are on the road to correcting it.
  • It would seem that the word for 2014 is going to be "Grit" or "Grittiness."
The guys on NFL Network got a big kick out of the "smelling the pits" comment from Dimitroff, and made it a recurring theme throughout some of the show. This was one of the strangest phrases I've ever heard, especially from a GM who is known for his very generic speak.

There weren't any major revelations, but there was a sense of humility in the interview that indicated Dimitroff knew some of the issues with the team started with him. Let's hope that translates to decisions that help the team in 2014.

Your thoughts?