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Lamar Holmes Wants to Progress, Get Better

Fact: Lamar Holmes right thigh has its own area code

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Lamar Holmes was never supposed to start for the Falcons this year. A couple of injured starters later, he was the best, most reliable tackle on the team. To be sure, that doesn't say much.

Vaughn McClure is continuing his offensive line self-evaluations, and today we heard from Holmes about Holmes. Delightful.

"I progressed throughout the year. Each game, I progressed and got better and better and better. Hopefully, I can continue to get better in the offseason; get stronger and get more knowledge of the game. I just need to continue to get better.''

So he wants to get better? Well he'd better. Or else!

Seriously though, I'm not sure if he's being humble, naive, or just avoiding conflict (i.e., giving a run-of-the-mill, canned response). Holmes had his moments, but overall, his play wasn't pretty. Holmes has the one thing you can't teach an offensive tackle: size. If the former third rounder can develop some semblance of technique, Matt Ryan may live to see his 30th birthday he may just be a long-term option at right tackle.

Don't you worry, we will have a more comprehensive, top to bottom review of Holmes' year later this month. In the interim, mull over his comments. Sample them like a fine whiskey, sans any alcohol and way less fun.