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Report: Falcons Interested in CFL Defensive End Cordarro Law

This previously undrafted pass rusher has exploded with 14 sacks in the CFL which has lead to some healthy NFL interest.

Cordarro Law's Preseason Sack
Cordarro Law's Preseason Sack

14 sacks?  Isn't that just about two Osi Umenyiorias?  Or nearly four Jonathan Massaquois?  Yes.  Yes it is.  Man do we need a better defensive end.  But first, to the interweb report.

I am not familiar with this twitter account but the report itself makes a lot of sense.  Give me a few sentences to paint you a beautiful verbal picture of Cordarro Law to help explain why.

Law was coming out of college two years ago after finishing up his college career at Southern Miss.  Law had pretty solid college production, getting to the quarterback 9.5 times his senior year.  It probably should have led to him getting drafted.  At 6'2", 261 pounds, he had a pretty nice size but was really considered a tweener, if not more of a 3-4 OLB, at the time.

He went undrafted thanks to a poor 40 time and likely a perceived lack of athleticism.  Law was picked up by the Seattle Seahawks and got some reps in the preseason.  Seattle found out he could both play basketball and register a sack.  Regardless, he got cut and signed to a team in the CFL.

The New England Patriots have frequently sniffed around CFL players.  They even signed Armond Armstead out of the CFL last offseason.  Law, who was given a workout last month, was not offered a contract by New England.  Current Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley was the Seahawks defensive coordinator when Law was on their roster, as noted by Big Cat Country.  The interest makes sense.

The Falcons have no direct connection with Law, but based on our starting defensive ends, the team should be looking at every single possible pass rusher available.  Well, almost every single one.  Regardless, Atlanta got a total of 11.5 sacks from their defensive ends this year.  Law could probably be plugged in as a rotational end but it would be pretty difficult to project much more than that.  There have been a few CFL players who have made the just to the NFL to fit into nice roles, or even Cameron Wake who came in and dominated.

This would be a great time to sign a player like Law, who could use another training camp and preseason to get up the speed of the NFL, and potentially secure a roster spot and some snaps early on with a team lacking any sort of pass rushing defensive end.