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Julio Jones Injury: Wide Receiver Is On Track For 2014 Opener

The Falcons' star wide receiver is recovering nicely after breaking a screw in his foot against the New York Jets.

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

As miserable as the 2013 season was for the Atlanta Falcons, you can still pinpoint the exact moment we all lost hope. It was when the Falcons put Julio Jones on injured reserve, ending his season.

Before he went down, Jones had 41 receptions for 580 yards and two touchdowns in just five games, which is somewhere north of amazing. Losing him removed the most dynamic weapon from the Falcons' passing game and put the final torpedo in the hull of the S.S. Atlanta Falcons. Alas.

Good news, though: Jones appears on track to make a difference again in 2014. Arthur Blank's press conference came and went a while ago, but we should have blocked out this tidbit. Per the AJC:

(Blank) said that Julio Jones is rehabbing and doing well. He spent time with him at the season finale.

Foot injuries are always a major concern for someone who makes his living by running, jumping, planting and cutting all over those foolish enough to try to cover him, but just hearing that he's progressing well is encouraging for Julio Jones. What are your 2014 expectations for the talented wideout?