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Corey Peters Should Be Re-Signed, Regardless Of Injury

A case for ensuring that the Falcons' defensive tackle returns to Atlanta.

Stephen Dunn

Corey Peters was widely derided as a reach at the time he was drafted, part of the issue of being a relative unknown selected in the third round. Since that time, though, we've come to appreciate Peters for what he can do.

Point blank, Peters is the best run-stopping defensive tackle on the roster. He piled up five sacks in 2013, good for second on the team behind Osi Umenyiora, and he's got a habit of getting into the backfield. There's absolutely no question that he's the team's best defensive tackle period at this time, and with three of the team's DTs hitting free agency, they can't afford to lose Peters. He'll also be just 26 years old in 2014.

The only concern is the injury. Peters was hurt against the 49ers and required Achilles surgery, which sidelines a player for months. It's going to cost him money on the open market one way or the other, and it serves to make some leery of a player who has otherwise only missed eight games over four seasons.

I chatted with Peters' agent, Greg Linton, who told me he's confident Peters will be 100% and ready to go by the time the season rolls around.

Recovery time on low end will be around 6 months. At most we are looking at 8 months. So the time frame until he is 100% healthy is between 6 and 8 months. Which will have him ready to go by training camp at the earliest, preseason at the latest, but ready for the season.

Even if you're wary of the recovery on an injury like this, I don't see how the Falcons can not re-sign Peters. Skipping him in favor of a still-effective but aging Jonathan Babineaux and the always average Peria Jerry would be a mistake, and cleaning house would mean the Falcons would have to sink several million free agent dollars and at least one draft pick into the position. Peters gives the team at least one impact tackle, and with a new line coach coming in, it's important to give him something to work with.

Do you agree?