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Peter Konz: Chopping Block a Real Possibility

Fact: Peter Konz couldn't karate chop his way out of a styrofoam box


A bag of cotton candy jelly beans, sixteen two dollar bills, and a twelve pack of Cheese Whiz - that's what I'll need to forgive Peter Konz. For what? His underachievement.

But until he can put together my bag of tricks, I'll take a healthy dose of humility and perspective.

"You realize those are things you have to get fixed or otherwise, you're not going to be here. That's really my mindset right now: to get better at the things I didn't do well, go back and look at the film and correct those things outside of here."

"My role? It's so out there right now. I could be the future Todd McClure who was here for 13 years or if things don't work out, I could be gone. And I want to be in a leadership role. I want to be the rock on the offensive line."

Wow. Just wow. Them aren't fighting words from the former second round draft pick. He's acutely aware that his rookie and sophomore campaigns weren't good enough. What's more, he knows the eventual consequence of poor play at this level: unemployment.

Konz was the best center in his draft. He had ideal size coupled with an above-average football IQ. That said, he struggled with the bull rush in college, and those struggles have unfortunately continued at the next level. He lost his job to Joe Hawley this year, after winning a closely-fought camp battle. I don't imagine that felt good. He's got a brand new offensive line coach to impress. In short, things aren't all la dee dah in Konz's world at the moment.

To be sure, I'm not particularly sympathetic. Konz is a professional and he has to be better. He's staring down the chopping block, for justifiable reasons, but at least he's cognizant of that fact.

Your thoughts?