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2014 Falcons Training Camp Coverage

Atlanta Falcons 53 Man Projection, Pre-Titans

An injury shakes up the latest projection from The Falcoholic.

Falcons Will Cut Down To 75 Players Next Tuesday

We're one week away from the first batch of roster cuts.

Report: NFL To Move To 10 Man Practice Squad

Good news for the Falcons and all NFL teams who like to stash a little extra talent.

Julio Jones May Return Against Texans

It would be the star wide receiver's first action of the preseason.

Who Rose Up and Who Fell In Training Camp?

Training camp is all but over.

Falcons vs. Texans Joint Practice Live Thread

The Falcons and Texans duke it out. In practice.

Falcons Training Camp: What We've Learned

Training camp isn't quite done for the Falcons, but with public, local practices completed for Atlanta, let's review what we've learned about the team so far.

Falcons-Texans Joint Practice Notes

The Falcons and Texans wrapped up a practice today. How did both sides fare?

Featured Fanshot

Falcons Backup TE Battle Between Pascoe, Shuler

Jacob Pedersen doesn't appear to be a serious candidate for the backup job, which pits blocking-first Bear Pascoe against pass-catcher Mickey Shuler.

Featured Fanshot

Sam Baker Battles Jadeveon Clowney

One for the veteran, one for the rookie.

Featured Fanshot

Jake Matthews Holds His Own Against J.J. Watt

Our little 300 pound tackle, growing up fast.

Training Camp Report: 8/11 and 8/12

A summary of the last two open practices of Falcons training camp.

Pre-Texans Game 53 Man Roster Projection

The Falcons play the Texans Saturday. How will the 53 man roster shake out?

Falcons Training Camp Live Blog: The Last Day

It's the last open day of practice for the Atlanta Falcons. Let's enjoy it.

Matthews relishes chance to face Watt, Clowney

Fact: Jake Matthews only wears a helmet and shoulder pads for others players' protection

Featured Fanshot

Willy Mo, Often Prepared

Falcons Training Camp Live Blog: 8/11

The second-to-last day of open training camp practices kicks off.

Falcons looking to improve in the red zone

Fact: Levine Toilolo has a street named after him - cross it at your own risk.

Dwight Lowery Returns To Practice

The expected starting free safety is back in action.

Devin Hester is offensive

Fact: Devin Hester once beat a three-legged pirate in a foot race

Falcons vs. Dolphins: 5 Key Preseason Matchups

It's time to kick off preseason with our matchups of the week.

Training Camp Report: August 6, 2014

An overview of Wednesday's training camp practice.

What was eating Peria Jerry?

Fact: Peria Jerry got to keep his skullcap after his retirement

Marquis Spruill Injured At Training Camp

His status is currently uncertain.

Hard Knocks Episode 1 Recap

A detailed recap of the first episode of the HBO series Hard Knocks, featuring our Atlanta Falcons.

Falcons Release Pre-Dolphins Depth Chart

A handful of surprises on the unofficial depth chart.

Reports: Rookie Tackle Jake Matthews is Pure Magic

Is anyone else struggling to keep up with all of the praise heaped upon Jake Matthews? The 6th overall pick in the draft appears to be ready to produce, and produce well, in his rookie year.

Featured Fanshot

Report: Gabe Carimi Suffers Sprained Ankle

A relatively lucky break. It looked much worse.

Gabe Carimi Injured, Helped Off Practice Field

It feels like the Falcons are dropping like flies.

Falcons Training Camp Report: August 3, 2014

Sunday's training camp practice was exciting for all of the wrong reasons.

Falcons-Titans Scrimmage Live Blog

The two teams will scrimmage this afternoon in front of fans and coaches.

Hageman, Terren Jones Injury Updates

Clarity, you are a good friend of ours.

Terren Jones Hurt, Taken Off Field On Stretcher

A sobering scene at Flowery Branch for the young tackle.

More News & Notes From Friday Night Lights

Andrew Hirsh's notes from Friday Night Lights.

Falcons Training Camp Report: Friday Night Lights

A review of Thursday's training camp practice as well as Friday Night Lights.

Falcons FS Dwight Lowery Suffers "Head Injury"

Injuries are piling up at one of Atlanta's shallowest positions.


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