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Atlanta Falcons Depth Chart 2013: First Regular Season Edition

Fact: Sean Weatherspoon really enjoys parakeets, just because they require a lot of care.

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

It's here! It's here! The first regular season depth chart is here! [spoiler alert] There aren't any real surprises, but let's break it down like Dave at a Y2K party.

First, let's discuss the returner spots. Harry Douglas will be playing mediocre football in the slot returning punts this season, with Robert Alford backing him up in that capacity. Jacquizz Rodgers will be returning kickoffs. It's apparent the coaching staff is willing to risk injury to two players who aren't exactly starters, but certainly play an important role. To be frank, I'm okay with that. What's the worst that can happen? [knocks on wood]

Next, let's consider the linebacking corps. We know the starters: Sean Weatherspoon, Akeem Dent, and Stephen Nicholas. Joplo Bartu will back up both Weatherspoon and Nicholas, with Paul Worrilow backing up Dent. Don't be surprised to see Bartu push for first team reps as the season progresses. Also expect a healthy dose of Zeke Motta and Kroy Biermann for good measure.

Finally, let's touch on the offensive line. There was some speculation following the signing of Jeremy Trueblood that he may start this Sunday. Given that he's backing up Ryan Schraeder at both tackle spots (with Schraeder backing up Lamar Holmes and Sam Baker), I'd argue that's as close to a non-possibility as it gets. Harland Gunn will back up both guard positions, with Joe Hawley backing up Peter Konz.

Like I said, nothing particularly ground breaking, but it's discussion-worthy nonetheless.