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A Brief Jeremy Trueblood Scouting Report From Bucs Nation

What to make of our new free agent tackle?

J. Meric

I'm someone who is always tempted to temper his criticism when it comes to new players for the Falcons. After all, the front office doesn't just pick up players on a whim, and there's usually a good reason they wind up in Atlanta.

That said, I wasn't jumping up and down over Jeremy Trueblood. He's a fine run blocker, sure, but by all accounts he's distinctly below average in pass protection, which is the area the Falcons probably need the most help with at right tackle

Again, though, I wanted to make sure that my impression of Trueblood from his Buccaneer years wasn't entirely off. I turned to Bucs Nation for a scouting report. This is what I got:

So that's not encouraging. The market was thin when it came to veteran tackles, but you have to believe the coaching staff is just as capable of seeing the holes in the 30-year-old Trueblood's game as Buccaneers fans. If he's a depth signing, as I said yesterday, he's a solid enough one. If he's supposed to start over Holmes, yikes.

Enough harping. Thoughts on Trueblood?

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