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The Atlanta Falcons 2013 Season Kicks Off In Five Days

It's time to get excited, people.

Chris Graythen

The NFL's wasteland is behind us. Training camp and the preseason are over. All that remains is actual NFL football.

The Falcons are starting off the year right, too, with an away game against the hated New Orleans Saints. The Saints will roll out a new-look 3-4 defense, welcome back Coach Sean Payton and look to win with their traditionally high-powered offense. The Falcons will attempt to crush their rivals with their own strong offense, a defense that has had a year to grow under Mike Nolan and William Moore's penchant for soul-stealing interceptions.

I shouldn't have to say much else to get you pumped for this one. The Falcons have a chance to take the first game on the their schedule and get a jump start on what promises to be a tougher schedule than 2012, and they'll need to.

We'll have full Falcons-Saints coverage all week, so stay tuned. What are your expectations for the first game of the season?

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