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Falcons vs. Patriots: William Moore Key To Team's Success On Sunday Night Football

The star safety needs to have a big week against the Patriots.


As always, I found myself mulling my choices for Falcons to highlight. Should I go with Joplo Bartu, who may draw Rob Gronkowski duties? Matt Ryan, who will face a stout Patriots front seven with plenty of question marks in front of him? Or even Mike Smith, since he's coaching to get these Falcons back up to .500?

In the end, though, I went with William Moore. The stud safety is going to be a key player this game for any number of reasons. He'll likely have to help out covering Gronk, if he plays. He'll need to be stout in run support. He'll need to serve as the last line of defense on those swing passes and screen passes if Thomas DeCoud doesn't right the ship. His ballhawking also ensures he's one of the likeliest Falcons to pick off Tom Brady.

If there's a big play to be had in this game, C4 is likely to be involved in it. He'll be asked to do a lot to slow down a scuffling but still potent Patriots offense. That's why he's my player to watch.

Who is yours?

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