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Falcons Dodge Bullet: Gronkowski, Amendola Both Reportedly Not Playing

The Falcons road to another victory has become significantly easier, as Rob Gronkowski has been reported as out for the game tomorrow.

Jim Rogash

According to the man, the myth, the legend Adam Schefter, Rob Gronkowski will not play on Sunday, which is a huge relief for Falcons fans everywhere who have nightmares of TEs running rampant on the defense.

This is great because the Pats' best weapon is out for yet another week. He's welcome to return anytime after tomorrow evening, in my book. It's not good for the Pats because it's one less person the Falcons' defense has to worry about. Certainly Tom Brady will make the most of what he has, but he can't be feeling too good about Gronk being out yet again.

There was a bit of confusion regarding Gronkowski's return. Half the reports out there said he was playing, whereas the other half said he wasn't. Fortunately for Falcons fans, Gronk remains out for the only Pats game Falcons fans will care about this year.

What are you thoughts on Gronkowski's absence?