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History Says Falcons Can't Start 1-3

Fact: Mike Smith unlocked a key with a safe.

Kevin C. Cox

I'm not a history buff, but they say it tends to repeat itself. Going into this weekend's game, the Falcons have to keep history in mind, because if it's any indication, the Falcons can't afford to start 1-3.

If they don’t [win], here is a number they should be aware of: Since 1990, only 9 percent of teams -- 22 of 258 -- have started the season 1-3 and advanced to the playoffs, according to ESPN Stats & Information. The last team to accomplish the feat was the 2011 Denver Broncos and Tim Tebow.

"It strikes some awareness to you,’’ safety William Moore said of the numbers. "It strikes some awareness in that it’s time to buckle down. No more last-minute comebacks and all that. We’ve got to play four quarters from the jump.

Yikes. If that doesn't scare you, it should.

On the whole, the Falcons haven't shown a complete inability to play well. It's really come down to a lack of execution. With Brady struggling due to a lackluster supporting cast, a win against the Patriots is entirely plausible. Win and they're 2-2, heading into a four game stretch (Jets, Bucs, Cardinals, Panthers) that should be fairly manageable. If we reach week 10 at 6-2, it'll be very easy to forget the feelings of uneasiness we've all stomached the past week.

Your thoughts?