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Tony Gonzalez was not concussed during the Miami game

Good to know Atlanta wasn't recklessly endangering the tight end's cranium.

Tony G sees the silver lining in the clouds
Tony G sees the silver lining in the clouds
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Gonzalez, pass-snagger and will-breaker, had a quiet game (for him) during Atlanta's loss to the Dolphins last Sunday.

After catching four passes for 24 yards on the Falcons' opening drive, he mysteriously disappeared from the team's offensive attack. Part of that obviously had to do with the pressure Miami put on Matt Ryan and perhaps the defense keying on the typical Gonzalez routes.

But the 37 year-old tight end was also dealing with what he called a head injury. He had apparently passed a concussion test and later returned to the game, but the hit clearly affected his play thereafter.

From the AJC:

"I just got my bell rung," Gonzalez said. "It was kind like I was in a fight. Someone hit me right on the head in that sweet spot, but it wasn’t a concussion or anything like that. I was just a little bit of dizziness. I’ve had them before. I went over to the sidelines. The doctors checked me out and gave me the whole test. I passed it and obviously I went back in. I felt fine."

The good news is that Gonzalez practiced in full today and should be good to go against New England, a game where the Falcons will need any and all help available. And you know he'll be important when Bill Belichick is giving him props.

And it will obviously be critical for Ryan and the offense to have him 100 percent for a game that could tell us a lot of where this Falcons team is headed through the remaining 12 weeks of the season.