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The Falcoholic Expert Picks: Week 4

Last week we all picked the Falcons to win, and we were all wrong. We'll see how we fare this week with our Falcoholic expert picks.

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Last week all of the experts here at The Falcoholic picked the Falcons to beat the Dolphins, and we were all wrong. The Falcons, once again, are heavy favorites to beat the Patriots on Sunday Night Football. The game is at home, and Mike Smith and Matt Ryan have a pretty stellar record following a loss. Here's hoping we're correct this week.

Currently, Alex is leading the field with a record of 12-5, and Dave, bless his heart, is trailing with a record of 9-8.

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The San Francisco 49ers are the overwhelming--well, "favorite" is a strong word--to beat the Rams on Thursday Night Football, but Caleb did pick the Rams to win, and it's really not a long shot. Last season, despite the 49ers' general dominance, they lost to and tied with the Rams in their two meetings. The Rams have a very solid defense, and know San Francisco very well since they are NFC West rivals. Those of us who picked the Niners could very well be adding a loss to our respective columns after Thursday's game.

The Arizona Cardinals will travel to Tampa Bay to take on the Bucs while former starting quarterback Josh Freeman watches from the sideline. Tampa Bay is 0-3, Josh Freeman got benched, and their new starting quarterback kind of looks like Napoleon Dynamite. It's possible that the decision to bench Freeman and start Mike Glennon could light a fire under the Buccaneers, but it's also possible that the Cardinals will have a pretty easy time against the first-time starter. Dave picked the Bucs, but the rest of us are taking Arizona in this one.

The group was more split on Dolphins vs. Saints, and by "more split" I mean that Dave and I both are taking the Dolphins over the Saints this week. New Orleans has a much improved defense, and a high-powered offense, and they're playing in the loud, hostile Super Dome. Miami is legitimately good team with a lot of momentum, and a vicious pass rush that can take advantage of weaknesses along the Saints' offensive line. Both teams are 3-0, and it should be more entertaining than the Raiders against the Broncos last week on Monday Night Football.

It's a shorter slate of picks this week, because the Panthers have a bye, and NFC South teams will be featured on Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football this week.

What are your picks for this week's games?