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Mike Smith Press Conference Highlights, Post-Dolphins Loss

A collection of Tweets rounding up Mike Smith's press conference after the loss to the Dolphins.

Jonathan Daniel

I'm going to start trying to deliver the highlights from Mike Smith's weekly press conferences, but today I have a busted set of headphones, so we're using highlights curated from beat writer Tweets. Fun with Twitter!

As you might imagine, Smitty's looking a little morose about this loss, and a lot of what he has to say is pretty critical. The Falcons know they blew this one, and while you can't put too much stock in anything that comes out of a press conference, he's definitely identifying the problems with quite a bit of accuracy.

Without further ado, the roundup.

Gosh yes.

So in the first second, play really well, and then sort of get worse over the next three seconds.

That rule? Don't fumble the f***ing punt.

Your thoughts on Smitty's remarks?

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