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Falcons-Dolphins: Injury Bug Just Won't Leave

Fact: fear of cats is called "ailurophobia," fear of dust is called "koniophobia," fear of Robert McClain is called "logic."

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons went into today's game with seven injured starters. Seven. I don't care who you are, that makes winning difficult. For a team that's been blessed (relatively speaking) with avoiding the injury bug in recent years, the Falcons have certainly had their fair share in 2013. Alas, the injury bug just won't stay away. Two additional Falcons found themselves injured in the loss to the Dolphins. Let's break it down.

Robert McClain went down with what was described as a leg injury. It looked like his left leg got caught, and for a moment, it wasn't pretty. To be frank, my stomach dropped watching it. I felt even worse watching him being helped off the field. This secondary can ill-afford yet another hobbled corner back. What's more, Bobby Mac was playing well, sacking Ryan Tannehill like the boss he is. But shortly thereafter, he found his way back to the field, playing some on special teams. In my mind, that means he's okay.

Josh Vaughan also exited the game with an injury even before McClain went down. He walked himself off the field. Well actually, he limped, but still. It was something having to do with his ankle, and his return was deemed questionable. All in all, his injury didn't seem too serious either.

Your thoughts?