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Falcons vs. Dolphins: Watch Jonathan Massaquoi

An argument for watching the second year defensive end in the Falcons-Dolphins game.

Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

You may have noticed that I've spent most of my week hyping Jonathan Massaquoi. I'm going to cap that off today by selecting him as my player to watch for the Atlanta Falcons-Miami Dolphins game today.

It is in many ways the obvious choice. Massaquoi is taking over for a key, versatile starter at left defensive end. He has a great matchup against a scuffling Tyson Clabo and should get all the snaps he can handle. If he has his coming out party in this game, he's got a real chance to affect its outcome.

We also need to understand what Mass gives us. Is he a situational pass rusher with some upside who can't be relied upon to play an entire game, or is he a growing young player who can lock down the starting job for years to come? I want to bet heavily on the latter, but this is the beginning of the audition for Mass, either way.

So look for Massaquoi to key the pass rush and hopefully make an outsized impact on this game. Who will you be watching?

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