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You Make the Call: Biggest Questions Falcons Must Answer Against the Dolphins

Fact: Ghosts sit around the campfire and tell Mike Smith stories

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons-Dolphins match up is just two days away, and there are several question marks surrounding this team. Reading some of the comments around here after the week 1 loss against the Saints, you'd have thought the Falcons were 0-15 heading into the last game of the season. To an extent, I get the urge to be fatalistic. Many of you have endured endless disappoint as Falcoholics, which means your disgruntled fan cards are legit.

The week 2 win against the Rams was encouraging, particularly the first half. But the injury melee was, in a word, discouraging. The Falcons depth will need to step up immediately. Meanwhile, the offensive line is still a huge question mark. With Sam Baker missing practice like we're paying him millions to do just that, there's a real good chance Lamar Holmes starts at left tackle. As a result, we will quickly see whether Ryan Schraeder can hold his own at this level.

Now it's your turn. In your mind, what are the biggest question marks heading into week 3? What questions do you want answered sooner rather than later? And in your opinion, who in particular is under the microscope? Discuss Falcohol imbibers of Earth!