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Falcons Will Need to Effectively Game Plan for Mike Wallace, But it's Nothing Desmond Trufant Can't Handle

Fact: Death once had a near-Desmond Trufant experience.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Wallace is good, like really good. Sure, he's no Julio Jones, but the man knows how to play football. He's coming off a 9 reception, 115 yard (1 touchdown) performance against the Colts; that after a 1 reception game against the Browns in week 1.

The Dolphins aren't as defense-minded as they once were. They have completely committed to being an offensive team, and it's starting to show. While Wallace has always been a deep threat, his route running is quickly improving. In fact, it's improving just in time to scare the youknowwhat out of the Falcons brass.

After the week 1 game, Wallace put Dolphins coach Joe Philbin on notice. He wants the rock, and he won't settle for being a decoy. In short, the Falcons will need to game plan for him. Not just because he knows what he's doing, because he undoubtedly does. The Falcons will need to game plan for him because the Dolphins are interested in keeping their offensive star happy.

Notwithstanding Wallace's talents, Desmond Trufant isn't necessarily outmatched. Asante Samuel isn't likely to see the field against the Dolphins, which means the responsibility for covering Wallace will fall squarely on Trufant's shoulders. Make no mistake, it's the hardest test he will have faced to this point. But that said, Trufant has shown an ability to play at this level already, and even if he gives up a few deep balls come Sunday, I'm confident he can limit Wallace's production.

Your thoughts?