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The Falcoholic Fantasy Nest: Who You Want From Falcons-Saints

Who should you play and sit from the

Chris Graythen

I've been playing fantasy football for many years now, and I've won one championship in one league. This obviously qualifies me to give you fantasy advice.

Given my narrow focus here at The Falcoholic, I'm going to keep my advice centered around the Falcons and whichever team they play in a given week. No doubt this will help some of you make decisions on a flex player and win the hearts and minds of many.

Without further ado, here's a look.


The Entire Falcons Offense. Seriously, the Saints have few pass rushers, a still-gelling secondary and they're coming off one of the worst defensive years in NFL history. They're also switching wholesale to a 3-4 for the first time.

There's young pieces here, and this defense actually could be quality in a year or two. In the first game of the season against a high-powered offense, I don't think you can start enough Falcons against them.

Drew Brees. Brees was certainly on the wrong end of a few Falcons interceptions last year, and that might continue into the first week. With a rookie cornerback to feast on and the offense remaining quality for New Orleans, though, you can't go wrong with Brees.

Jimmy Graham. In this Saints offense, the top three receivers and tight end usually do quite well. If you're in scoring-only or non-PPR formats, though, you'll want to go with the guy likeliest to score. Given the Falcons' issues with tight ends and Graham's red zone potency, he's a strong choice.


The Saints RBs: This is the committee from hell. Mark Ingram is the strongest choice here, but Darren Sproles and Pierre Thomas are more likely to catch passes and will vulture plenty of carries. The Falcons figure to have a slightly stronger run defense this year, too, so I wouldn't recommend playing any of them. Ingram if you're desperate.

Falcons Defense: Drew Brees, a quality running back committee and games that tend to turn into shootouts? I'd pass.

Saints Defense: They're gonna get scorched.

Share your fantasy advice in the comments!

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