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Sam Baker Injury Headlines Thursday Falcons-Dolphins Injury Report

The Falcons are still banged up, but getting better.


The Falcons' Thursday injury report looks remarkably similar to the Wednesday version, but slightly better. Progress!

The upgrade here is Roddy White returning to limited practice after not practicing on Wednesday. He's making incremental steps back toward a complete recovery from his high ankle sprain, but the upshot here is that he will be active again as a decoy, and he should be able to make slightly more noise than he did a week ago.

Sam Baker and Asante Samuel did not practice, again. The Falcons are going to rest both up to the greatest extent possible and hope they're ready to go on Sunday, but it wouldn't stun me if neither played. Samuel's been fighting this thigh injury pretty hard, and Thomas Dimitroff's pro-Lamar Holmes comments this morning seemed to indicate some concern with Baker's readiness. Not great news.

Everyone else on the report had at least a limited practice today. Your worry points are definitely best spent on Baker and Samuel. Steven Jackson, as a reminder, has already been declared out.

Thoughts on the report?

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