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Thomas Dimitroff: Lamar Holmes Can Play Both Left and Right Tackle

The Falcons are banged up, but the GM is feeling good about the second-year pro.

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Before I get into the meat of this, I just want to note that the weekly interviews with Thomas Dimitroff by JP Peterson and Alge Crumpler are not to be missed. Lot of good stuff here, and I think the Comrade is a little more candid with these guys than he sometimes can be with the media.

Praise out of the way, let's jump into the meat of this interview. There's a ton of interesting stuff here, but I want to key in on the offensive line. Dimitroff also mentioned that the Falcons bogged down in the third quarter with their offensive line play and admitted that's a concern, coming as it has in two straight games, but insists they'll be alright.

The headline here came late in the interview, with Dimitroff talking about Lamar Holmes. He said he believes Holmes can play both left and right tackle, which he called important if the Falcons have some injury situations. You don't need to be a reading between the lines scientist to understand what's being said here. I'll bold it for emphasis.

If Sam Baker is hurt, Lamar Holmes would take over as the starting left tackle, with Jeremy Trueblood taking over right tackle.

The thing is, Baker is hurt. Baker's also been mighty ineffective, probably because of that injury. If he can't go this week, Holmes is going to get a shot at left tackle, where many of us assumed he would be playing eventually when he was drafted. That's scary on one level, sure, but I'm not sure Holmes is going to be worse than Baker. Keep an eye on the injury report this week.

Also notable: Even after a series of bad injuries, Dimitroff said this:

"We like where we are with our roster."

I'm not skeptical of that. I honestly think this team has more young, dynamic talent available than in years past. There will be the dreaded growing pains because of that, but the Falcons will be better for letting these young guys get their run now and in the future.

What do you think of this interview, and specifically his comments about Holmes?

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