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Expect Brent Grimes' First Game Against the Falcons to be Relatively Uneventful

Fact: Brent Grimes hates global warming ... but he HEARTS the Falcons.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

You knew it was coming. The requisite "Brent Grimes faces off against his former team" post had to be written. So I'm writing it. If you think such a post is by its nature inflammatory, then stop reading now. Save yourself the stress.

First, let's acknowledge that Grimes is not a bad football player. I'll be honest, he was a personal favorite. His 2009 and 2010 campaigns far exceeded expectations, and from a value perspective, he was a steal. He played well for the Falcons, and now he's playing well for the Dolphins.

Miami has four interceptions, none bigger than Grimes’ grab in the end zone in the fourth quarter Sunday to help preserve the 24-20 victory at Indianapolis. The Dolphins’ secondary will be further tested in the next three games when Miami faces three star quarterbacks: Matt Ryan (Atlanta), Drew Brees (New Orleans) and Joe Flacco (Baltimore).

But what can we reasonably expect Grimes to do against the Falcons? Well, to be frank, it depends. It depends on who he covers. It depends on how much time the offensive line gives Matt Ryan. It depends on Dave's grain alcohol consumption. It just depends.

I'll admit, it's a little awkward to hype Grimes' first game against the Falcons. He's honestly been an afterthought since 2010. His 2011 campaign was injury-plagued, and his 2012 campaign ended in week 1. A lot has happened since 2010. The Falcons brought Asante Samuel aboard, Dunta Robinson lost his job, Robert McClain emerged as a premier slot corner, and the Falcons drafted their secondary of the future.

In short, don't expect a Keith Brookingesque temper tantrum out of Grimes. If anything, Grimes' decision to take full advantage of free agency was mutually beneficial. He got his pay day, and we were able to look toward the future. Remember, but for the Falcons, he may never get a shot in the NFL. Admittedly it'd have been hard to ignore the talent he possesses, but the Falcons saw him first.

I'm sure there will be some friendly jawing back and forth, but I don't think there's ill will between Grimes and the Falcons. I'm happy he's doing well in Miami, and I'm quite sure his former teammates feel the same.