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Falcons Injury Report: Sam Baker, Roddy White Don't Practice Wednesday

The Falcons are gearing up for the Dolphins, but they're banged up.

Kevin C. Cox

The last thing you want to hear after you put three starters on injured reserve and lose another one for at least one week is that two more starters aren't practicing to start the week's run of injury reports, but this is the reality we inhabit.

Roddy White didn't practice. That's not a surprise, as the Falcons are clearly limiting his practice to have him as fresh as possible for gameday. He's going to improve his ankle incrementally each week, lulling the NFL into a false sense of security until the week he's totally healthy and burns some lazy cornerback for a 60 yard touchdown. May that day come soon.

Sam Baker is more worrying. Again, the Falcons are probably just getting him rest, but a 28-year-old tackle doesn't need that much rest unless he's battling a lingering injury. Through the first two weeks of the season Baker has been easily the team's worst offensive lineman, so trying to get him healthy is admirable. You just have to hope he's totally healthy soon, because throwing him out there at less than 100% isn't great for him or for Matt Ryan.

The rest isn't a huge deal just yet, but keep an eye on Asante Samuel to ensure he's ready to go for Sunday. Lingering injury issues have cost him significant playing time early on. Remember: Wednesday is too early to panic about an injury report. At least save the nerves for Thursday.

Thoughts on the injury report?

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