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Julio Jones Set An NFL Record In Falcons-Rams Game

The young receiver's third 80+ yard touchdown in three seasons is a record breaker.

Kevin C. Cox

Julio Jones is building a remarkable career thus far. I don't need to tell you that.

What I do need to do is call your attention to one particular milestone Jones hit just last weekend. With that 81 yard touchdown where Jones made the Rams wish they had never been born, Julio became the first receiver in NFL history to start his career with one 80+ yard touchdown catch in his each of his first three seasons.

It's a fun bit of trivia, really, but it also highlights just how dangerous Jones is. Catching an 80 yard touchdown requires either a complete breakdown of the defense or some game-changing dominance from the receiver. Julio, of course, has that dominance in spades.

Don't be surprised if he makes it four or five straight seasons. He's still getting better, somehow.

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